Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Florida's report on Medicare Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Here is Florida's 2011 report on medicare waste fraud and abuse. Here. The document is part of a larger library of reports from the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration.

We have been looking at documents relating to Medicare Quality and Measurement. Those documents are here. A lot of the work has been done by the Federal Medicare program and then filtered down to the states.

Florida is interesting because of the large number of for profit hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

NY Times: Editorial regarding the occupations effect on business

Here is an editorial from the New York Times blaming the Israeli occupation of Palestine as the cause for poor business performance. Here.

Jerusalem Post:Isreal Inside (A look at Israeli business and technology)

Romney's foot in mouth comment's about Israeli culture being better for business than Palestinian culture got us thinking about culture leading to success in business.

Here is a story from Jerusalem Post (and also covered on PBS) about a new film that is supportive of Israel's business and technical success. The filmmakers is clear about his goal: to provide public relations for Israel.

Jerusalem Post is Here.

Here is a link to the "Inside Israel" website.

Israel enjoys many advantages other countries do not have an active and well financed support network, a favorable treatment by trading partners, and financial support from the US government. One must look at Israel's success with some skepticism. However, the article (and film) make some important points about success. It is also interesting to see inside Israeli business and technology centers.

The film credits the success of Israeli business men and innovators with high value Israelis place on "family, education, volunteerism and diversity." Had to go for the direct quote's since there a have been several racial incidents against immigrants and the Haridim are not know for supporting diversity.

CNN: Are you poor if you own a flat-screen TV? or don't own a computer ?

CNN asks Are you poor if you own a flat screen TV. Are you poor if you don't own a computer ? The story has a somewhat provocative headline but at least discuss poverty. The article basically makes the point that poverty includes a basic but changing list of material goods.

We would argue the material list will soon be satisfied and the definition will be expanded to include health care, safe neighborhoods and a good education.