Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bloomberg News: Racism helps create fiscal distress in cities

David Unkovic, who recently resigned as the state imposed city manager  of Harrisburg, PA says the racial segregation is forcing cities into fiscal problems. The story from Bloomberg is here.  Essentially racial segregation has trapped poor people into cities limiting cities ability to raise tax revenues.  Harrisburg is 70% black and surrounded by lily white suburbs.

NY Times: Good college drops commitment to the poor

David Leonhardt writes and important story in the New York Times called "Better Colleges Failing to Lure the Talented Poor"

Teachers to open seafood restaurant and employ students

Two Bronx high school teachers are opening a new seafood restaurants and will employ students from local schools. DNA-Info NY has the story here. Basically the two guys are putting their life savings to a restaurant to teach entrepreneurship and financial responsibility.

WPIX-11 New York also featured the men.

The restaurant will be called the "Fishnet Seafood Cafe" and is located at 474 Willis ave in Mott Haven, The Bronx, NY

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Newsone: Discrimination in hiring still a huge factor in Black Unemployment

Many people are talking about the story on employment discrimination. Lynette Holloway writes about the reasons for black unemployment including discrimination and government inaction.

She also discusses Rachel DiTomaso new book "The American Non-Dilemma: Racial Inequality Without Racism, Russell Sage Foundation" which covers "opportunity hoarding" by whites improves their life chance by pushing others down.  Yet whites do not see their actions as discrimination.

Ms. Holloway also reports on the lack of action by President Obama and other government officials toward programs that create jobs.

Calvert Investments: Few women and minorities in big corporate jobs

Calvert Investments has released a report documenting few women and minorities on the Standard and Poor's top 100 corporate boards or executive positions.  The report named: Examining the Cracks in the Celiing: A Survey of Corporate Diversity Practices of the S&P 100. 

The report

US News: US Military spends nearly a $1 Billion a year on Unemployment

US News and World Reports describes a program that pays ex-servicemen unemployment if they cannot find a job.  The money comes from the Pentagon budget.

Friday, March 8, 2013

New York Times: Companies put applicants though the wringer

The New York Time's star economic reporter Catherine Rampell has a great feature about employersdisrespecting job interviewee's during the hiring process.  The NYT story is here. The comments are also telling as the Times asked readers to post their interview horror stories.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

Unemployment Stories on Gawker

Gawker has been running a series of posts from unemployed workers called "Unemployment Stories". They are in a section called "Hello from the underclass".