Saturday, January 11, 2014

Washington Post and Guardian: Britain's Confederation of British Industry says share the wealth

The Washington Post has a story on John Cridland, director general of Britain's biggest business lobbying group: The Confederation of British Industry, where he states that businesses should pass on more of their prosperity to their employees.

Guardian: Pay workers more CBI chief tells thriving firms.

Washington Post: "Britain Chamber of Commerce says corporations should share their prosperity"

UC Berkley Labor Center: Fast Food, Poverty Wages: The Public Cost of Low Wage Jobs in the Fast Food Industry

The Labor Center at UC Berkley has published a study of people who work in the fast food industry and receive public benefits. Basically, companies are getting a free ride since the government is subsidizing low wages.

The document and comentary is avaialble on this webpage: "Fast Food, Poverty Wages: The Public Cost of Low Wage Jobs in the Fast Food Industry" 

CEPR and Baker and Bernstein: Getting Back to Full Employment

The Center for Economic and Policy Reseach has published a free book by Dean Baker and Jared Bernstein called "Getting Back to Full Employment: A Better Bargin for Working People".

The book discusess structural versus cyclical unemployment and NAIRU (the natural rate of unemployment). It then propose some policies to reduce unemployment.

Friday, January 3, 2014

23,000 people apply for 600 Wal-Mart Jobs in DC. Thirty eight job seekers for everyone one job.

Twenty three thousand people applied for 600 Wal-Mart jobs.  That's 38 people for each postion.  I just don't get where this attitude that "no one wants work" comes from. People don't want to work. The correct statement is that "people don't want to work at that lowly wage."

NBC4 Washington: Walmartto Open first DC Stores on Dec. 4

Business Insider also covered the event.

Here is the story from the Washington Post. In DC, Wal Mart Job Seekers Want Work. Any Work.

Wal-Mart is hiring on 3% of the people that apply.