Saturday, October 22, 2011

Banking Black in BET

BET has a nice story about using Black Banks. Here.

The story has great references. Here is an FDIC study of households without access to a bank. Here.

Here is a list of Minority Owned banks from the Federal Reserve. Here.

I, myself, use a credit union. The staff is about half Black and Spanish but the managers are mostly White. No sure of what there lending record is. Guess I need to check huh ?

Chinese National Heavy Machinery Corporation

It looks like the Chinese model of economic development works best in Africa. The US could learn some development lessons, from China's close public / private companies. And the willingness of entreprenuers with connections to China to pack up and move to Africa.

There is even a magizine: Chinafrique

CMHC is building a giant 120 MW electrical plant in Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are added my China National Electric Engineering Company

CMHC is here.
CNEEC is here.
The China Non-ferous Metals Mining Group is also a big player in Africa. Here.

Martin Lindstrom: Another funny(sad) story about companies manipulating shoppers

Martin Lindstrom has an article in time about some of the tricks companies use to manipulate consumers. Of course it is also a plug for his book, but it is interesting.

In TIME magazine here.

Lindstroms web site is here. Lindstrom has published "Buyology" and "Brandwashed"

Lindstroms has some great articles as well. Here.

March for Jobs in Washington

"Non-Profit" Columbia University earns 17% return for endowment

Yes, the supposely non-profit Columbia university, earned a 17% return on endowment investments last year. Columbia's endowment was $6.5 Billion dollars in assets. Harvard has the largest endowment with $27.4 billion in Assets.

Here is the story on Bloomberg.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ex-BET CEO Robert Johnson wants to change corporate hiring practices

Robert Johnson, Ex-BET CEO wants corporate america to consider minorities for high level corporate jobs. Bob Johnson idea is that a minority candidate should be considered for every job opening at the vice president level or above. The rule is similar to the "Rooney Rule" in the NFL which calls teams to interview minority candidates for all head coaching and senior operations positions.

Here is the Miami Herald.

The Root has a story here.

Huffington Post Story.