Sunday, December 5, 2010

GE: General Electric Stories; GE Closes Last Bulb Factory

I was reading a little about jobs, of course, US manufacturing, when a couple of interesting GR stories popped-up. GE closed the last factory in the US making incandescent bulbs. The complete package gives a nice view of the current economic climate in manufacturing in the US. Really good stuff.

Here is a puff pieces on GE going back to manufacturing after the financial crisis affected GE capital. New York Times.

GE shuts down last incandescent bulb factory in Winchester, VA. Here.

Some stuff on the dangers on CFLs. Here.

An editorial here from the Heritage Foundation tries to simplify a complex issue to support a point of view. Philadelphia Inquirer

Here is an article on innovation using the incandecent bulb(US) and the conpact flourcent bulb (China) as an example.

You can read about Ellis Yan of TCP, Technical Consumer Products, Inc. here.

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