Thursday, September 19, 2013

From the Washington Post. Low skilled immigrants: Economic burden or boom ?

Here's the link: Low skilled immigrants: Economic burden or boom ?

The Washington post published a story on the impact low-skilled immigrants on low skill US born citizens.

The article at least acknowledges a well known fact in the Black community: that immigrants take jobs from black people, depress wages for poor people and control businesses in black neighborhoods. final reports the impact immigrants are having on the Black community.

The issue we have is that WAPO and the press in general tries to cover an issue that really hurts poor people with fake objectivity.

Almost everyone agrees that some immigration in general is good for the country.  People will also admit, grudging, that poor immigration hurts the existing US poor. And a lot of poor people are black. A lot of us also benefit from immigration: we get cheap food, all night convienice stores, and low cost landscaping and construction labor.

Our solution:  We should switch our model to rich immigration: Doctors, lawyers, dentists and CEO should be allowed to immigrate freely.  Limits should be placed on poor immigration.

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  1. This is also true that the low skilled immigrants do those types of job what will not do high skilled immigrants.
    So we need them both.
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