Sunday, September 19, 2010

Republicans: Business Uncertainty contributes to unemployment

One of the charges Obama's critics try to stick him with is increasing business incertainity. Luckily, it is a sound bite that does not really stick. I read or hear it from the pundits all the time. And with no backup.

How do you measure uncertainty ? Is it going up or down ? Is high historically but going down or low but rising ? It it linked to job creation ?? If there is a link are other variables more important like a strong, growing economy ?? Can you separate out the uncertainty linked to Obama's policies vs. all the others that affect business ? Does uncertainty even matter ?

This one kind of attack exposes the republicans lack economic understanding. It might be great politics, but is definitely a distraction. This issue was definitely focus group approved. Luckily, it is a little too complicated to stick.

It looks a very weak attempt to blame Obama for 8, 12, or 20 years of poor economic management. The fact that they are trying to use it as an issue, really show the lack of any real economic ideas for advancing the economy.

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