Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Try before you buy: Unpaid internships part of Georgia unemployment program

Interesting write-up on Georgia employment program with unpaid internships: Here.

The web-site is the typical state job website. However this one has a skills certification program. You cannot tell is they a solved the critical unemployment office issues: 1) Do they list every job available, and 2) are they actively placing workers.

Their are two differences I can see. One, they administer tests for reading, math and reasoning skills. They give grades such as bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Then they grade job categories to skills to help employers pick among low and medium skilled workers.

Second, they also sponsor employees at selected companies for up to 24 hour per week for 8 weeks. The employer pays nothing and the trainee is given a stipend of up to $240 dollars per week. The employer can train and access the employee with no risk.

They have the typical problem of southern states, except for VA and MD, that of being under resourced and underfunded.

The current unemployment rate in Georgia is 10.1%

Here is the official website. Here.

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