Sunday, September 18, 2011

Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage by US Census Bureau

Sept. 13, 2011 -- The census Bureau released it annual report on income, poverty and health insurance in the US during the year 2010. The report has loads of bad news.

Median household income dropped 2.3% from XXX in 2009 to $49,445 in 2010. Median income for Blacks dropped -3.2% from $33,122 to $32,068.

The poverty rate increased to 15.1 percent of the population from 14.3% 2009. 46.2 million people earned below the poverty line. 22% of kids were in poverty. 27% of Blacks were in poverty.

The number of people without health insurance rose to 49.9 million.

The only good news is the relative large press coverage of the results.

There line to the US Census report is here.

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