Sunday, January 13, 2013

Obscure Reference of the Day: PENBOTEC 400 -- Fruit preservative

Ever wonder why food and fruit don't spoil any more ? Because they are made with or covered with preservatives like Penbotec 400 from Janssen Pharmaceutical, Belgium. Penbotec 400 is a spray on fruit preservative with pyrimethanil which is a broad spectrum fungicide. We won't comment one whether it's good or bad. However, we will tell you to: Always wash your food !!! Including meat, vegetables, and fruits. We were looking at Penbotec 400 because it appears in a bill to temporarily waive the import tariff. The house routinely waves tariffs on imported chemicals as a favor to importing companies in their home states. The companies lobbyist then make a campaign contribution to the candidate. The house bill is here. Tax payers for Common Sense has an excellent database of all the tariff waivers proposed for 2012. TCS database of tariff waivers is here.

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